Fighting Junk E-Mail
Updated 6/9/97 The Internet can be a wonderful marketing tool when used appropriately, but some advertisers have gone too far, clogging people's email boxes and Usenet newsgroups with large, repetitive, and unsolicited messages. Here are a list of sites devoted to stopping junk e-mail, which is also known as spam.

The movement against junk e-mail
For news about current campaigns against unsolicited e-mail, and for a history of the movement, see one of these pages.
alt.spam FAQ
The Coalition Against Unsolicited Email
The Consumer Information Organization
Fight Spam on the Internet!
Junk Busters
Netizen's Guide to Spam, Abuse, and Internet Advertising
Stop Junk Email

Is Junk e-mail illegal?
Sending unsolicited commercial messages to a fax machine or computer is illegal according to United States Code, Title 47, Chapter 5, Section 227.
There are two proposals to extend current laws, The Unsolicited Commercial Email Choice Act of 1997, introduced by Senator Frank Murkowski, and the Netizens Protection Act of 1997, introduced by Representative Christopher H. Smith.

How to avoid receiving junk e-mail
These sites suggest responses to junk e-mail, ways to track down messages with fake senders, and even some unsavory methods of getting back at spammers.
The Anti-UMail FAQ Version 1.0
Beating the E-Mail Spammers
Death to Spam: A Guide to Dealing With Unwanted E-Mail
Filtering Mail FAQ
How To Filter Spam With Eudora 3.0
How To Complain To The Spammer's Provider

Bulk e-mail "remove" lists
These sites will register your name for removal from marketers' databases, usually for free.
Internet Spam Control Center
Junk Mail Junction
Mr. Postman (fee)
Register for Cyberpromo's No Junk E-Mail List
The Spam Filter

Software and other tools
End-user tools for tracking down junk e-mailers and their Internet service providers.
SPAM Attack Pro, Version 2.01
Get that spammer!
Spam Shot -- dump junk email
Spam Hater -- get back at spammers
System and server tools.
SICA Freeware Mail Spam filter for EMWAC IMS

Bot bait
Many junk mailers send robots to collect e-mail addresses from Web pages. Here are some pages intended to "bait" them with invalid addresses.
Bot-Bait Page
My Little Sp@M Trap
Spam Bot Diner

The RIGHT way to advertise on the net
Advertising on Usenet: How To Do It, How Not To Do It
The Cybrarian's Guide To Cyber-Marketing
How To Announce Your New Web Site
How to market via E-mail without the spam
Usenet Marketplace FAQ

Other links
Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
Seeks to curb inappropriate advertising on Usenet by exposing the worst offenders.
Voters Telecommunications Watch: Junk Mail
A newsletter about junk e-mail, and a survey about unsolicited commercial email for users and ISPs.