I - Color
Kay and Berlin's sequence of color

II - Similarities in tonal sequences across cultures
root and 5th, then 2nd and 3rd

III - Universal frequencies in human speech
Meredith and Schwartz's pitch/speech analysis

IV - Universal intervals in human speech

V - Intervals in lullabies and other musicks

5.0 Mary Had a Little Lamb
5.0 Build a Bridge (one of mine)
5.7 Twinkle, Twinkle
6.3 This Old Man
6.3 Maryann (less popular American children's song)
6.3 We Will Rock You
6.3 Frere Jacques
7.0 A Rolling Acorn (Japanese children's song)
7.7 Happy Birthday (possible anomaly, changes key mid-song)
7.7 Silent Night
9.3 Over the Rainbow (from Wizard of Oz)