Spring 2005 Thesis Project

The Intervention of Lemons - an Animated Musical

One boy's quest to uncover the secrets of the machine that killed his family

Aunt Jenny
The Messenger
The Machine
Dr. Monday
Johnny Valve
Regina's Gang
The Robot Gang
Dr. Saturday
The Threshhold Guardians
The Homunculus
· Act I
scene i - Ray's House
Talking over breakfast when the Messenger arrives with a new task for Ray, to repair the bridge. Ray doesn't see the point since people keep burning them, but Jenny tries to convince him to do it anyway.
SONG: You May Say - Aunt Jenny
Ray goes out to the bridge
scene ii - The Chasm
Says hello to neighbor Paul, but just as Ray gets to work, the Machine walks up to Paul's house and kicks in a wall. Paul runs toward the bridge, which begins rocking and Paul falls. The Machine chases him to the bridge and when it gets to the middle, Paul, hanging from a tree root shouts to Ray to collapse the bridge, but Ray hesitates and decides to help Paul instead. The Machine is almost to the other side when the bridge buckles and the Machine tumbles down. Ray pulls Paul up and they see the Machine pulling itself up the cliff far downstream. The consider chasing it but agree to let it go.
SONG: Once Was - Ray
scene iii - Ray's House
As they walk back to Ray's house they hear Jenny cry out. They run up and see the Machine kicking in a wall, cornering Jenny, who pleads with the boys to run away.
SONG: Save Yourself - Jenny
The Machine grabs Jenny and eats her in one bite. Paul wants to run, but Ray just stands as the Machine turns and walks toward them. Ray pulls a spanner out of his toolbox and throws it at the Machine's face. The glass plate cracks and the Machine pauses. Ray throws a screwdriver which hits in the same place, making some sparks as some wires short-circuit. The Machine stumbles, then stops and feels the injury with its front claws. It turns and walks away.
Ray and Paul go through the rubble, looking for things to salvage.
SONG: Falling Awake - Ray
Dr. Monday approaches, and is impressed with Ray's ability to scare off the Machine.
SONG: Summer's Day - Monday
Monday invites the boys to help destroy the robot, and they both agree. The three then set out, following the Machine.
SONG: A Little Bit - All

· Act II
scene i - On the Road
Monday says he knows someone who might be able to help. On the way they come across the robot Johnny Valve, who is unconscious and damaged. They turn him on.
SONG: Coming Down from a Dream - Johnny
Johnny is another victim of the Machine, but has amnesia and can't remember all the details. He explains what he can remember.
SONG: Cowboy Robot Blues - Johnny
scene ii - In the Woods
The four then come across an encampment where Regina leads a group of girls who hunt robots. She explains the mysterious Dr. Kilbert Saturday is responsible for the Machine.
SONG: Doctor K - Regina
Regina agrees to join the group with her gang.
SONG: Why I Say - Regina
The group sets out
scene iii - Near the Abandoned City
The Messenger arrives with a note for Monday, who gets scared and explains that he ha sto leave.
SONG: Taking it All Away - Monday
The group gets frustrated and make accusations about who betrayed their position, most blame Johnny
SONG: Just a Robot - Paul(?)
Johnny leaves, but it is then revealed that one of Regina's gang was the traitor
Everyone feels bad about Johnny, the betrayal, the loss of Monday

· Act III
scene i - On the overlook outside Dr. K's Lab
Regina warns Saturday
SONG: The Way - Regina announces her intentions to Kilbert
scene ii - Homunculus Ascends
The group sees the Threshold Guardians protecting the Lab and lose confidence, but then Johnny returns with an army of robot friends
SONG: Dinosaur Construction Team - Johnny
The Machine surprises the group from behind and grabs a bunch of little robots, eating them all. One mother robot cries out in anguish as her baby is eaten. The Machine stares at this crying robot and is overcome, shedding its first tear.
SONG: Waited for So Long - The Machine
SONG: Pinocchio's Dead - Ray
SONG: Fly - Kilbert expresses regret
SONG: You May Say reprise - Happy ending